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About Gloria

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Gloria Green is an artist who has developed a process based on her early training in classical music, her knowledge of Science and her passion for the abstract. Gloria first obtained a degree in Nutrition from Ryerson University, followed by a Master’s of Science from the University of Toronto. Years of self-teaching, observation, information gathering and experimentation have replaced more traditional arts training. Working in healthcare for several years, Gloria draws from her honed and intuitive sense of compassion, empathy, dedication and the ability to hear and see beyond the obvious.



Artist Statement

Passion and emotion are at the root of the work. The inspiration is drawn from the effect of time, the light and the impact we have on the urban setting. The freedom of the work is a result of the approach which is unconventional, whimsical, heartfelt and intuitive.

I thrive in the delight of finding the most obscure designs and creative context in my surroundings. From cracked concrete, decayed and eroded sidewalks and streets, to the survival or collapse of the urban landscape and the weather’s impact on our everyday lives, to the need for structure within a controlled environment; this is where inspiration, discovery, and emotions find their way onto the canvas.

The techniques used can vary from painting to painting, giving way to a process that is driven by the subject matter at the core of the inspiration; in that instant and within context. Bright and colourful, dark and moody, light and humorous, or edgy and precise, combining the abstract and the organic; my work in acrylic and mixed media has grown to become a rich and versatile collection where each painting aims to elicit individual interpretation from the viewer.



Gloria Green:

art is a continuous journey for me, full of surprises and self-exploration